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International Scholars and Domestic Scholars

If you think all #internationalscholars are the same, you’re wrong. If you think we are the same as #domesticstudents, you’re DEAD wrong. – Ancilleno Davis 7/22/2017


If you have ever heard me speak of my time on the Kirtland’s Warbler Research and Training Program, you would know how much it meant for me as a scientist and how it has changed my life. Long story short, if it wasn’t for the Kirtland’s Warbler Research and Training Program, Alma and I would not have had #LeonardoDavis. So this past week in Ohio for Saving Birds Thru Habitat’s trip to Magee marsh with Ronald Brown Academy students, Dave Ewert and I reconnected. Leonardo seemed pretty impressed as well. Dave still continues to do lots of different things, but for myself and the students that went through the program, I think it’s safe to say he will always hold a special place for us.

Great to see you Dave!


Dave Ewert meets Leo
Dave Ewert meets Leonardo

Think about ants. They cannot see the soaring birds, why would they need to? Their lives consist of the path in front of them, following the scent trail of their fellow ants. Yes, occasionally one of them will get distracted and venture off on a solo adventure. Mostly though, their perception limits their world.

Look around you. Think about the people who go through their lives following the paths of their parents, older brothers and sisters, this graduating class just like last year’s graduating class. Think about the people who are trapped in the same organization or the same job for years and decades. Think about the way they told you there was no success outside of their realm of perception. Think about the ants and soar.

Birds, Randomness and Emotions

Plainfield Rest Park Indiana- 9/18/2015

I am on my way to meet Alma after about a month and a half. Driving from Ohio to Arkansas for Elisa’s wedding. This is my first rest stop and as I took some photos of the rest stop, a young lady came up and strikes up a conversation. She is in a bad situation, a photographer, particularly into nature photography, her and her boyfriend are driving to Colorado having stopped at rest stops throughout.
It’s interesting how many people we pass by, especially considering the chances for us to actually meet any single human being of the millions on this planet. It was a refreshing conversation and despite her sad story, she had a pleasant demeanor and simply wanted to say hello and meet a new person on her trip.
I cannot wait to get to Alma, but before I take a little nap, I wanted to write this and encourage everyone to make some time to say hello to someone else on a journey alongside theirs.

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