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September 2015

Plainfield Rest Park Indiana- 9/18/2015

I am on my way to meet Alma after about a month and a half. Driving from Ohio to Arkansas for Elisa’s wedding. This is my first rest stop and as I took some photos of the rest stop, a young lady came up and strikes up a conversation. She is in a bad situation, a photographer, particularly into nature photography, her and her boyfriend are driving to Colorado having stopped at rest stops throughout.
It’s interesting how many people we pass by, especially considering the chances for us to actually meet any single human being of the millions on this planet. It was a refreshing conversation and despite her sad story, she had a pleasant demeanor and simply wanted to say hello and meet a new person on her trip.
I cannot wait to get to Alma, but before I take a little nap, I wanted to write this and encourage everyone to make some time to say hello to someone else on a journey alongside theirs.


Happy Birthday Jamison 9/19/2015

Today is my brother’s birthday. The older brother that everyone says I look like…except I am the better looking version, though we both look like Mommy so the standards were already set pretty high. In celebration of one more year of the Virgo, I thought I would celebrate by sharing some of my memories of Jamison growing up. First, let’s get it out of the way that he taught me to fight, and stand up for myself and is so far the only person to knock me unconscious, but I know that because of him, I can’t be beat, mostly because I can’t be scared or intimidated.

Now some of the legends.

I want to start with letting you all know that Jamison is one of the hardest working, loving people you could know and crazy loyal to friends and family, even if he acts tough. And though life has thrown him some curve balls, he always keeps going and I think the best way you can show how tough a person is, is by knowing where their limits lie. There are three times Jamison came home from work or stayed home.

Cow wasp: I came home midday and Jamison was supposed to be working at Commonwealth Bank. I entered the house and heard rummaging in the kitchen. I was unsure what to expect and called out asking “who in the kitchen?”

A muffled reply came back, but it was Jamison.
“aww, How come you home?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen.
As I enter the narrow doorway leading into the kitchen, Jamison’s lip comes around the fridge. He had been stung on his lip sometime that morning and could not go to work. The pitiful look in his eyes as he held the glass of ice said it all. To further illustrate his predicament he mumbled through the recitation of the morning’s events and my mind wandered to my fair lady when Eliza was trying to speak with the marbles in her mouth. Then I realized that with his glasses he looked like a poor Hollywood makeup rendition of the human version of Duckman. I lost it and laughed, between pity and amusement. But at any rate he went back to work the next day.

The next time I saw Jamison home he had already went to work. But he had come back and he was out on the porch with a cigarette and a glass of rum. His cigarette hand was obviously trembling and I have never seen Jamison shaken like that before, so I asked him “what happened?”>>>Jamison’s version
Jamison hears the Commonwealth bank office go quiet and comes out into the lobby as all the cashiers are standing away from the counter along the back wall. There is one man at the counter with his back to Jamison and Jamison approaches him to ask what is going on. The guy turns around with a “big ass knife” (direct quotes). Jamison disarms the would be robber and knocks him flat with his karate training that kicks in automatically. Police eventually show up to apprehend the subject and a manager sends Jamison home.

The crucial time Jamison came home was from university in the USA. When he went to college, he took lots of dreams and he would have been the first in our family to have a university education. Unfortunately, he was shot through the leg and came home. No degree, and with a tiny baby Kiamo. I can only imagine how that must have felt. Not just the physical, but the not knowing. Broke, unable to find employment, and with a new mouth to feed. But as soon as he was able, Jamison was out and on the hustle. He rose up through the security agency, and joined the banking industry and worked to do well by his kids.

But when we were young, Bovie and I would wait for Jamison to come home. He was working at McDonald’s and once in awhile, he would bring us happy meal toys or nuggets. That is something I would always remember. And when we would sandwich a mattress from the bunk bed between the bed and the wall and ride it like a horse. Thanks for coming home and hanging out with us. “Das my brudda” I love you Jamison.

Ancilleno Davis, M.Sc.

Welcome to Illinois 9/18/2015

Driving is crazy boring without Alma. And it is definitely gonna take a lot longer than google and Garmin said. Thank God for rest stop. God and the garden clubs. I am taking a quick stretch here at the Cumberland Road rest area in Illinois. There is a lot of POW MIA information out and it is fitting with the Memorial Day season and just having watched the Fred Korematsu story with the Center for American and World Cultures yesterday. But… Time’s up. Gotta keep on trucking.

Ancilleno Davis, M.Sc.

Rainy days 9/18/2015

Alma likes rainy days. And sometimes I do too. When you have nothing to do but snuggle with your snookums or read papers, that is the perfect day for a rain storm. Here I am in a Burger King Parking lot enjoying free wifi watching an employee that appears to be pregnant smoke a cigarette. It is amazing how you can be disappointed in and encouraged by humanity so many times in one day before 10 AM. The photo of the rainy window came out well though.

Ancilleno Davis, M.Sc.

No room in academia

Dear every student and every professor,
Look around you. The students that graduated last year have not found jobs and hardly any of them found jobs at your university or any university. The professors that have been there for the past forty years, are still there. There simply is not enough room in academia.
Stop teaching people to be academics. Most of your students will not need to ever find another derivative … No. Never. Teach them to think.
Students, challenge your teachers. Tell them what you want to do career wise or life wise. Ask them to give you advice on what to study. If you want to be a veterinarian and someone else wants to be a botanist, you should be taking different classes as soon as possible. #imjustsaying.

Ancilleno Davis, M.Sc.


Growing up in the Bahamas, cockroaches were a recurring theme. During a hurricane, you could find out exactly how many cockroaches were living in the grass because they would crawl up the outside walls of the house. The answer was hundreds. There are always hundreds of cockroaches, just outside. So, yes, we would run out of Baygon well before we got rid of them all.

For my friends from the north, like Ohio. Yes I take care of the Madagascar hissing cockroaches in Peabody Hall, but Bahamian cockroaches are different. They jump, they fly and they bite. Yes they bite. I have the scar. Ask me about it.

Me holding male and female hissing cockroaches
Me holding male and female hissing cockroaches

Everyone in the Bahamas has seen a cockroach and everyone has a cockroach story. I have a few. These are some of my favorite, just because they happened to me and my family or close friends.

The first cockroach story – The earliest cockroach story I can remember takes place in my mom’s house getting ready for school. I still do not understand why I would always Iron my pants in the morning before school, but that was the way we did it. I had ironed the pants and put them on. in the living room area where my family all seemed to be. In particular, I remember Nikki being next to me when the cockroach first touched my leg. I had no idea what it was but it had lots of scratchy legs crawling up the outside of my right thigh inside my pants leg. My right hand slammed down and grabbed the cockroach through the pants. I crushed and twisted. simultaneously I undid my pants left-handed and“>stepped out of them. the cockroach was just a wet spot and I put on a different pair of pants that day. Needless to say, Nikki was killing herself laughing.

But Nikki has her own featured cockroach story. Keep in mind this is before Bahamian seat belt laws, forget the baby in the back stuff. We were headed to church one Sunday morning about to turn from Prince Charles over Culbert’s hill in the Volvo (I probably have to write about that later). So between Meadow’s blvd and Culbert’s Hill, Nikki (from the passenger seat) tosses baby Kiamo to my mom, who is driving, and opens the car door to get out into the street while the car is still moving. Apparently a cockroach had attacked her. Why there and then? Who knows? I now believe that everything happens for a reason, so perhaps that 3-5 minute cockroach drama with Nikki jumping up and down, saved us from something else, or maybe it was just cause. I do however have a theory, that Cockroaches in Cars attack passengers between Meadow’s blvd and Culbert’s hill.

Here’s why… I was taking Bovair to Rugby Practice years later in the Tercel, I believe, but it may have been the Volvo. Between meadow’s Blvd and Culbert’s Hill, Bovair punches himself in the leg. I mean rapid fire killer punches. I laughed hard that day, much like I am now! and while trying to stay on the road, I asked what was going on. Apparently, he was attacked by a cockroach and went Kimbo slice on it even sacrificing his own leg. Can you imagine punching a cockroach into oblivion? That’s my brother. Well, my younger brother. Jamison is a bit more gangster.

The most hardcore cockroach story ever. There were a bunch of people on my mom’s porch back when Jamison used to smoke and drink. He was in the middle of a heated story or discussion in typical Jamison fashion and everyone was watching him. I believe, Jyles, Bovair, Carlos, Johnson, and I were there. for some reason I was behind Jamison and therefore the only one who could see the cockroach crawling up the wall behind Johnson seated on the floor. Something Jamison said either angered  or interested the cockroach and it jumped of the wall and flew toward him. If you never hear a cockroach fly, imagine a bill counting machine, a flip book you made out of card stock or a very tiny helicopter. The cockroach flew toward Jamison. who had his drink glass in his right hand, and his cigarette between his index and middle finger. Without stopping his train of thought Jamison reached out his left hand, snatched the cockroach out of the air threw it to the ground and stepped on it. I am not even sure he looked at it. This is quite possibly one of the most hardcore things I have personally witnessed ever.

Yes, I caught cockroaches and sold them for 50 cents at COB, and yes I threw a cockroach at Charles Petty when we were at Radhika’s place in the Bahamas, but those were small things. Comparatively speaking.

So there you have it. Cockroaches. There are more stories, but these are my favorites. and here is a picture of the cockroach I petted in Eleuthera on August 23rd 2001

Image of Leno Davis' finger petting a cockroach
I have not petted many cockroaches, but this was my first.


I seem to win a lot of random things. I can remember phone cards, a trip to Sammy T’s resort in Cat Island, free stuffed animals at the carnival, and now I have won two free tickets to see Luna Gale. I have not been to a play since Mrs. Sessing was in that Halloween show at the Dundas.

I think I win because I play. If it costs nothing to enter, why not enter? That and I have been told if you look like your mom, you are born for luck, so thanks Mommy!

Looks like date night this month is covered, Alma!

Ancilleno Davis, M.Sc.

Eat my art Maria Von Trapp

So the main character from sound of music taught people to sing in Papua New Guinea and before, you could taste and gnaw on art pieces in a museum to evaluate their composition. This is really a striking notion for me. The way we interact with art and museums today has been changed…why?

Sensory studies

I am attending the Altman lecture in the Marcum center now and hearing from Dr. Howes on Sensory Studies.

I will try to write more about my thoughts later.

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