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June 2014

Entering a camera sweepstakes

I have always been one to enter random drawings and sweepstakes, particularly those for charity. it often pays out for me too. This one from Snap knot is for a one Canon or Nikon Camera. it would be sweet to win. I imagine going on photo trips with Alma and just taking photos of EVERYTHING!
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I am big into taking pictures but am I big into photography? I don’t know. I love to capture the moment and I love to be able to look back and use the photos to inspire the memories to come flooding back.

I am trying to become a better photographer now and these are some websites that I have found. I have not really read too much on any of them. maybe you have. which ones do you like/prefer?

Sokka and Paul

So Paul came over and Sokka just decided to come over and lay across Paul’s legs. Hilarious. They see Paul as a friend or maybe a cool uncle. Dogs are funny.



So today, I picked a quart of Mulberries during my break. They are stinking delicious, but I am resisting eating them so I can get them home to share with my lovely wife, Alma. Interestingly, I usually will just look at the berries briefly and then pop them in my mouth, but Alma insists we wash them and disinfect them, so we will do that. I inspected the berries more carefully today and noticed that one (of about 70) had butterfly eggs on it. and after they were in the container for a bit, I noticed some beetles leaving. Of course, all this gets me to wondering how many insects or insect eggs have I eaten in my life? what did they do to me?…Ultimately, I love fresh fruit from a wild or naturally growing tree. If I am in a new country and the natives are eating fruit from a tree I have never seen, I will try it as well, but today, the mulberries will be cleaned…does anyone have a good recipe using mulberries?


I think I have always been a morning person. I like to hear the first sounds. The birds, People just starting to wake up and the city before the cars driving and horns honking. I have to work for 8:00 this morning and for some reason without setting my alarm earlier I got up earlier. I woke up at 6:20 instead of my usual 7:00.

I always wondered how I wake up on time as well. Weird. This morning I saw a gigantic slug while taking Neji and Sokka out to poo and pee. It had stripes on the tail end and spots on the front end just behind the head. It looked like it was wearing tiger leggings and a leopard coat. Say no to fur slug!



I really enjoy teaching and I have done a bit of it in the past, but mostly science or marine related. Marine Botany, Introductory Biology, The BREEF Marine Science Teacher training Workshop…but this winter I am going to be co-teaching a photography course. How cool is that? it is only for Miami University students, but it is being held in the Bahamas. this is definitely going to be a huge learning experience for everyone involved, but especially for me. check the link for more details>>>>>>>

Posting from my e-mail

Now that I can post from my e-mail maybe this will be easier for me. I like the thought of having a blog and I like the concept of blogging. sharing my thoughts and opinions and ideas with the world. maybe my art as well. this makes it much more convenient.

A Website.

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